cargo pants outfits

By the time spring rolls around, we’re always ready for a fresh change from wearing denim day after day. The latest trend of the wide leg cargo pant is just the change we’re needing! We’ve found this spring trend in all sorts of colors and pocket configurations. Here’s how we’re styling them for both casual and dressy looks!

dressy cargo pants outfits

Khaki pants in different shades ranging from deep olive to light tan create a fabulous neutral foundation for countless outfit options! Krista loves the wider leg of these pants. They look amazing with a spring or summer heel and can also be styled in fall and winter with a pointy toe boot. Wear these to work or out on the town!

With the added visual interest of cargo pockets, we’ve found that we prefer to keep the rest of our outfit simple. Here I’m wearing an off-white blazer in the same tone as the pants, and then bringing in a fresh spring touch with a pop of pink. Styling in solid tones rather than busy patterns brings sophistication to cargo pants, especially when creating a dressier look.

casual cargo pants outfits

We’re so wired to reach for denim on casual days! Switching things up with a pair of relaxed cargo pants keeps dressing fun! Since it’s a newer trend, they’re a bit more unexpected. Plus, the connotation of the “off-duty” cargo pant style helps give a chill, laid-back vibe to your outfit! The perfect match to Krista’s adorable Happy Hour sweatshirt!!

The same styling approach applies to casual outfits: keep the rest of your outfit simple for a chic and understated look. This elevates what is considered a rugged pant, typically only worn for outdoor activity. For extra style, I added a trendy sneaker that plays off of the gray and cream tones in the rest of my outfit.


casual cargo pants outfits

We started seeing cargo pants in 2022 and it’s looking like the trend is only becoming more popular. Especially with how mainstream wide leg pants in general are becoming, cargo pants fit right in! We love that you can immediately style them with pieces you already own and shoes that are most likely already in your closet: fun heels, pointy toe boots, cute sneakers, and casual sandals! Don’t be afraid to try this trend–we surprised ourselves how much we liked cargo pants!!

xoxo Julie & Krista

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