As seasoned shoppers, we take our shopping outfits seriously! Through trial and error, we have come up with guidelines for creating the perfect shopping outfit!

make sure your shopping outfit is:


casual winter shopping outfit

Make sure your outfit is easy to take on and off for lots of try-ons! My sweatshirt fits easily over my head, my jacket isn’t too heavy or bulky so I don’t get overheated in stores, and my pants are an easy and quick on & off style! Extra points for a zipper rather than a button fly!


casual chic winter shopping outfit

Your outfit and shoes should be comfortable for walking in all day! My kitten heel booties and Julie’s sneakers qualify!

and stylish!

We feel most confident in an outfit when it’s an expression of our personal style! Wear a stylish coat that elevates your look, like Krista’s faux leather puffer and my cozy teddy jacket! Also, add touches in a trending color such as burgundy. Krista’s fun crossbody bag and my neck scarf add that extra bit of interest that jazzes up our outfits!

A shopping outfit should never be boring…who doesn’t love it when a store clerk compliments something you’re wearing!

xoxo Julie & Krista

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  1. Such a nice outfit, it suits you perfectly. I love your outfit, sweatshirt paired with pants and that lovely Jacket compliments the whole outfit. When it comes to fashion, you’re truly a master.

  2. I want to express my gratitude for the helpful fashion advice! The thoughtful recommendations presented in this article have sparked my imagination, offering me new ideas for putting together stylish outfits. I appreciate the valuable insights into fashion and am eagerly looking forward to integrating these suggestions into my own unique personal style.