Shopping for us has always been more than just running another errand or completing a household task. Both of us associate shopping with a pleasant experience–for Krista it’s helping her family and friends create stylish looks, and for Julie it’s the memories of spending special time with her mom as a young girl and still today. For some, shopping ranks right up there with doing the dishes or cleaning the shower–it’s that distasteful and unpleasant. We hope that’s not you, but if so, we hope we can eventually help turn that around!

We believe that when you go with another person, shopping becomes a form of entertainment and a fun social outing, much like going to a sporting event or visiting a local attraction. Think about it–it has all the same elements: going somewhere, new sights, discovery, yummy treats, and hopefully in at least one outcome, a victory! And the most rewarding element of all? Time spent making memories with someone you care about.

Krista and I recently went on an overnight shopping trip in downtown Seattle. We’ve discovered that early January is a PERFECT time for some serious shopping. The after Christmas sales are amazing and the crowds are down considerably since school is back in session and the holidays are over. The ideal timing? The first two weeks of January. After that inventory is down and stores haven’t fully restocked. What’s left is picked-over and full-priced. Blah.  Okay, back to the shopping with friend thing…

We’ve realized that shopping with a friend can be way more fun than shopping by yourself. We’ve also realized that shopping doesn’t always work with every friend/mom/sister, etc. Very Important Rule #1: The person you choose to shop with HAS to like to shop!! 🙂

More Very Important Rules:

2. The person you like to shop with doesn’t have to be your best friend or Mom or even related to you. The most important thing is that you share the same interest, desire, and positive outlook on shopping. We might also add STAMINA. Nobody likes a party pooper. Which begs the next rule…

3. Stay positive and energetic. Attitudes can change the whole dynamic of the experience and affect everything. Stay engaged, keep things light and fun, and be of the mindset that you’re in this thing together. In other words, no checking out once your shopping agenda is accomplished. A good shopping friend is just as interested in helping you achieve your shopping goals as they are in achieving their own.

4. Stay together…as much as possible. You don’t have to be glued at the hip, but neither do you want to abandon your shopping partner. Browse around naturally, then when you’re ready to try on something, let each other know when you’re headed to the dressing room.

Now don’t miss this next rule because this is where the real fun can begin…

5. Be dressing room buddies. We don’t mean share a room (although those really big ones at Nordstrom make it possible!), but try on your items at the same time or at least stay in the vicinity so you can give good feedback or maybe even fetch something. Remember that game we all loved in grade school–Show and Tell? Well, this is the grown-up version of that and it’s still FUN! Show me what you’re wearing, and I’ll Tell you what I think! Need a good laugh? Try on some of those crazy statement sleeves or accidentally put your head through a cold shoulder hole! Been there, done that!!

6. Give honest feedback…and be willing to accept it too. A good friend tells the truth (carefully) and lets you know if something actually looks good on you and is worth buying. In the same vein, don’t be overly sensitive if your shopping pal nixes jeans you thought looked amazing. They can see your butt way better than you can. Trust us on this one.

7. Have similar budgets and similar tastes in stores. Costco vs. Nordstom. Talbots vs. Zara. Either way, if you’re not on the same page, one of you is going to have a glazed look on your face.

If you like to shop, you’ll love shopping with a friend! Honestly, the things Krista and I have bought when shopping together are the items in our closet that we have the most confidence in and have worn the most! Even the best of shoppers have indecision in the dressing room.  A stylish friend however, will give you accurate perspective on fit, tell you if the item is a good addition to your wardrobe, help you break out of style ruts, and advise if what you are thinking of buying really fits with your lifestyle. As a matter of fact, shopping with a friend is totally a wise investment–in time and money!

Tell us your shopping with a friend stories in the comments below!


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