We love summer travel but to be honest, packing can be stressful! Recently, we discovered the 3-3-3 styling method, which involves choosing 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 shoes to create a variety of outfits. Immediately, we realized this method could be a genius packing hack! Not only does it maximize the versatility of the pieces you’re bringing on a trip, it also allows you to pack less! This can be especially useful on longer trips or international travel, where space is at a premium. We shared more of our thoughts about the 333 challenge here, and we also used the style challenge to plan a week’s worth of outfits for a summer getaway! 

What We Packed

Krista’s Picks:

  • 3 tops: white tank top, chambray button up shirt, patterned ruffle sleeve blouse
  • 3 bottoms: tiered midi skirt, white wide leg crop pants, olive green shorts
  • 3 shoes: white sneakers, comfort sandals, heeled slide sandals

Julie’s Picks:

  • 3 tops: crochet cami, striped button up shirt, white linen tank top
  • 3 bottoms: white maxi skirt, chambray wide leg pants, striped boxer shorts
  • 3 shoes: white sneakers, flat slide sandals, hiking sandal

Our Outfits for a Week Using The 3-3-3 Challenge!

How We Chose What to Wear for the 3-3-3 Challenge

We’ve done this challenge once before, so we were determined to use our takeaways from our last go around to do a better job choosing our items. The key is selecting pieces with maximum versatility, which lines up exactly with our goals when packing for a trip! 


We focused on choosing bottoms first because we wanted to ensure that our outfits could be styled casually and also dressed up for evening. A midi skirt and wide leg pants are a great choice for both these scenarios. They’re cute with sneakers and also work well with a dressier shoe. We also included a pair of shorts for warmer days, or if we needed a more casual or active outfit.


Next we focused on our tops. We learned last time that neutrals are a good choice, but a bit of pattern or color helps to bring in some interest. A white tank top made both of our lists, plus a button up, which has tons of versatility. It can be worn tucked in, layered over our tank tops, tied around our waist, or front tied in a cute knot–we need all the options we can get! Lastly, we made sure to include a top with some visual interest. Krista’s patterned top makes a fun statement, and a striped button up adds a bit of trend.


For shoes, comfort comes first, but style is a close second! A plain white sneaker is a must for days that involve lots of walking. We love how cute they look with skirts and dresses too! A casual sandal was next on our list. It adds more style and the ones we chose actually provide a lot of comfort too. Krista’s sandals have a molded comfort bed and my Columbia sandals are made for hiking or water activities. We both feel like we could walk in these sandals all day! For a more elevated look or for a dinner out, we chose a nicer flat sandal and a low heeled slide. Our shoes, combined with our six clothing items, create every look we need on our vacation!

shoes and bags for travel

It’s good to have a packing method like the 3-3-3 Challenge up your sleeve for when you need to pack quickly and/or minimally! The more you use it, the easier it gets, and we love how it’s helping take the stress out of packing during our busy summer. We would love to hear if you’ve tried this method and what you thought of it. Let us know in the comments below!

Xoxo Julie & Krista



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