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With our short summers in Seattle, we want to maximize every moment! Come spring, we’re prepping for warm weather by getting our face, hair, and skin summer ready! This means when summer finally comes we’re not scrambling to make appointments or fussing with ordering products. Here’s our checklist for refreshing our beauty every spring & summer:

6 things we do to refresh our beauty


  • For the past three years, we’ve invested in Vivace Radio Frequencing (RF) microneeding, a professional-grade beauty treatment that targets aging & sagging skin. Initially, we did two treatments about 6 months apart, but now we go in once a year for maintenance. The perfect timing for microneedling is right at the end of winter, before you’re going to be spending more time outside, since it’s recommended to protect your skin from sun exposure for up to two weeks prior and after the treatment. We love the results from our treatments at Purity Medical Spa and can see the difference in firmness, pore size, and overall improvement in the texture of our skin!

Hair highlights:

  • Julie–Twice a year I go to my hairstylist, Larry DeLorenzo of Stan Parente Salon, for a fresh set of highlights. The timing that works best for me is the beginning of December (for that holiday glow!) and the end of May or beginning of June to brighten up for the summer! Currently, Larry is giving me a “foilayage”, which is a combination of a foil and a balayage. Larry feels adding in the foil element helps achieve a lighter & brighter blonde tone, which I’m totally loving!
  • Krista–I also get my hair done at Stan Parente Salon, with my stylist, Angelica. I get my hair cut and colored more often, to cover grey and keep up my highlights! I tend to like the ombre look with the highlights toward the ends of my hair. In addition, I also take advantage of Angelica’s free bang trims!! We are both keeping our hair long, for now! We really believe the longer lengths are more youthful.

Getting that glow:

  • Julie–We can’t wait for the sun to get our tan! Way too unpredictable around here lol. Because we do summer style photo shoots as early as March (!), we’ve learned how to look tan way before our summer season hits. Krista’s perfected the spray tan, and lately I’ve been using a self-tanner combo with great success! After showering and shaving my legs, I use these tanning wipes followed by this gradual tanning lotion. The combination provides a natural looking, streak-free medium tan within four hours!
  • Krista– Like Julie said, I love to get a spray tan! I get the Level 1, or Clear 1 tan at Desert Sun Tanning. It’s a very natural look! This application activates over time, so you can also stop it from darkening at any time. For example, I wash it off my hands and face right after I get home so I don’t look too dark. I’ve really got it down to a science! This little bit of color really makes a huge difference when you’re wearing shorts and sundresses!!


  • Once the temps begin to rise, and there’s a chance we might want to wear an open-toe shoe, we want our toenails to be ready! Having pretty toenails and clean feet is such a great feeling! If you can only afford one beauty treatment, this is the one to get–it’s quick, inexpensive, feels like a luxurious treat, and makes you look like you have your act together even if you don’t! Getting a fresh pedicure to signal the start of spring & summer is one of our favorite rituals!

Travel sizes:

  • Summer is such a busy time of year! Before things really start to heat up with get-togethers and travel, we shop ahead and stock up on travel sizes so we’re prepared and not scrambling at the last minute. If our favorite products don’t come in travel sizes we use this opportunity to try other brands or use refillable containers for bringing liquid products that meet TSA requirements. The key is to plan ahead!


  • Julie–It’s really true, the best beauty treatment out there is just to protect your skin from the sun! My favorite face moisturizer does double duty as a powerful SPF product, plus the lightly tinted formula evens out my skin tone! During the summer months when less is more, sometimes all I need is this, a little blush, and a swipe of mascara to feel put together for the day.
colorful pants and tank tops summer outfits

Summer’s here and we’re ready for it! What things do you do to prepare for summer? Leave us a comment below–we’d love to know!

xoxo Julie & Krista




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