When I am looking for shoes for travel, I need shoes that are stylish, go with all my outfits, and are so comfortable I can walk in them all day long! I also like to pack in a carry-on, so my shoe choices have to work with my cute sightseeing outfits, as well as the occasional dressy out-to-dinner look! I know these shoes check all the boxes because I actually wore them on amazing trips to Italy and London. Here are my must-have comfy shoes for travel!

Mephisto Helen Sandal

I can’t say enough about the comfort and style of the Mephisto Helen sandal! You’ll see that I wore my neutral metallic Helen sandals with all of my looks on trips to Italy in 2019, and Yorkshire and London, England in 2022. The neutral metallic went with everything, and the Helen strap style coordinated with casual and dressy looks. I mostly wore them with my day sightseeing outfits, and they looked amazing! I love the style, but the comfort was key! I walked all day in them with absolutely NO FOOT PAIN!! On our tours, we sometimes logged up to 10 miles of walking! Being able to experience beautiful locations with no foot pain made these trips even more enjoyable! 

Julie and I had a recent collaboration with Mephisto, so I’m excited to wear this black pair on my upcoming travels!! Julie’s neutral color will go with all her summer looks!

Cole Haan Grand Pro Sneaker

Comfortable white sneakers are also must-have shoes for travel! Good thing white sneakers can be worn with shorts, skirts, and even dresses! I love the Cole Haan Grand Pro Sneaker for its simple, sleek fit that goes with all my travel looks. I made them even more comfy by adding SuperFeet insoles. I also walked all day in these sneakers with absolutely no pain! 

Dressing Up

You might be wondering what shoes to pack if you need to dress up! I have some ideas of dressier, more elevated shoes that also coordinate with all of your looks and won’t take up too much room in your carry-on!

Metallic Heels

For the epic wedding of Julie’s daughter in England, I packed a low, block-heel metallic sandal. Again, metallics go with everything, and the low heel wasn’t too big for my suitcase. 

Wrap Sandals

Black flat wrap sandals

A flat wrap sandal is a great option for dressing up! They might not have all-day walking comfort, but you can still walk a fair distance in them, and they are slim for easy packing!

Woven Mules

A woven mule or a ballet flat is another shoe that elevates your look and won’t take up too much room in your suitcase! Find one you love in a neutral color and you’ll be able to create some fun looks!

We both love to travel, and of course we want to be stylish and comfortable when we see the sights! All you need is a comfortable walking sandal, a white sneaker, and one elevated shoe for dressing up! Paring your shoe wardrobe down to these essentials makes it easier to pack in a carryon. It’s definitely doable! I hope this helps you pack for your next trip! 

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