For years it was denim jackets, then more recently bomber jackets exploded on the scene, and now the moto jacket is taking centerstage as the perfect layer for casual or dressy outfits. They’ve definitely been around, but maybe, like us, you didn’t pay much attention to them because they were real leather and expensive, heavy and bikerish looking. Great for a certain edgy look maybe, but not worth investing in real leather for something you wouldn’t wear on the daily.

What’s changed? Well, for one, they’ve become way more accessible price-wise. Faux leather and suede fabrics have come a long way, baby! They can be incredibly realistic and no longer are guaranteed to feel like your grandmother’s vinyl footstool. Secondly, the colors and style options have exploded! No longer is black the only option–but like the  ones shown here, pastels and neutrals in all shades are everywhere. And the cut is not just big and boxy anymore, but fitted and more tailored, with subdued lapels and hardware. Ahhh, so nice!

This change has flung the door of styling options wide open. We remember when wearing a moto jacket meant also needing to don heavy black boots to complete the look. Anything else looked off…like high heels on a lumberjack. But now that moto jackets are available in softer lines, softer pieces and more feminine shoes create a beautiful combination.

Here’s how we’ve styled a moto jacket three different ways: dressy, everyday with jeans, and casual:




What to layer over a dress can be a real conundrum. You want it to look like it’s a part of your outfit, not just to keep you warm (even though that’s really what it is!). A moto jacket is the perfect option when you’re trying not to be too fussy or overdressed. It adds a cool edge to dresses and skirts and creates a flattering silhouette for all body types.

A moto jacket in baby blue? Gimme!







For an everyday jeans look, the iconic black moto that Krista is wearing could give off a tough and edgy vibe. It’s distressed and has heavier silver hardware. But by pairing it with soft velvet and a delicate shoe, her outfit is now unexpected and cool. If she had topped this tee and jeans look with say, a denim jacket, the look would’ve been much more expected and hmm…boring. Never underestimate the power of a jacket!







We’ve been having the most fun lately styling our moto jackets with ultra casual pieces, like jeans or joggers, hoodies, and cool sneakers. It’s youthful and a fun change from jeans and fleece when out and about. You seriously will feel your mood lift when wearing something so trendy and fun! This is not your run-of-the-mill Costco gear ladies! Trust us, it will feel invigorating to wear something that you’re not seeing on a good chunk of the suburban female population.

A couple of tips on fit:

–Look for jackets that are little more trim. Some are really boxy and wide, causing the front and lapels to jut out awkwardly. You may need to try on several before finding the one that looks just right on you.

–Look for smaller lapels and for the most slimming effect, a length that hits right at your waist.

With so many options now, cost is no longer such a huge barrier to owning a moto jacket. The one Julie is wearing is a fave of fashion bloggers because it looks great on everyone, is real leather, comes in a variety of colors, and is such a great price point because it goes on sale often.

We think a moto jacket is the perfect addition to your jacket options. It works on all ages–our 70+ year-old stylish moms could totally rock this look!–and is so versatile. Let us know how you would style your moto jacket!

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