how we created 30 outfits with the 3-3-3 style challenge 

how we created 30 outfits with the 3-3-3 style challenge 

What is the 3-3-3 challenge?

We first saw the 3-3-3 challenge on TikTok, and with a little digging, we discovered the source was from the fashion account, @rachspeed . Rachel started this style challenge as a way to create outfits for an upcoming trip to London where limited suitcase space would be an issue. The concept is simple: select 3 bottoms, 3 tops, and 3 shoes and see how many cute outfits you can make! We could immediately see the genius of such a simple styling strategy and decided we wanted to take on the challenge!

Julie’s 3-3-3 style challenge

What I chose for the challenge:

  • 3 tops: White button up shirt, Pink cardigan sweater, Striped crewneck sweater
  • 3 bottoms: Black straight leg jeans, Denim straight leg jeans, Denim trousers
  • 3 shoes: Brown boots, Retro sneakers, Mary Jane flats

15 outfits!

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Krista’s 3-3-3 style challenge

  • 3 tops: Printed blouse, Neutral sweater vest, Cropped black blazer
  • 3 bottoms: Black midi skirt, Wide leg crop pants, Cuffed denim
  • 3 shoes: Black flats, Off white heeled booties, Retro sneakers

15 outfits!

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3-3-3 style challenge recap:

  • It’s easy: We are often asked by our followers for help packing for trips or for creating a capsule wardrobe. The 3-3-3 style challenge is the perfect strategy for someone who feels overwhelmed by these scenarios or just wants a simple way to learn how to create outfits. It’s like an intro course to styling from the comfort of your own closet!
  • It’s free: Most everyone has at least three tops, bottoms, and shoes to pull from what they already own. The beauty of this strategy is that you don’t need to buy anything new. It forces you to get creative with your closet and we all could use some more of that!
  • It’s creative: The first 6-8 outfits came pretty easily, but we both reached a point where we really had to think outside of the box to come up with more looks. We used accessories like a belt to change things up, cuffed jeans to create a different look, and even turned tops backwards to squeeze out one more outfit!
  • It’s ideal for travel: Having just returned from a 3-week trip to England myself (Julie), I could immediately grasp how the 3-3-3 style challenge would have made packing for my trip so much easier and more effective! It’s especially helpful for long trips where you will have the opportunity to do laundry, or on trips where you are trying to use carry-on luggage only. 
  • It’s a closet refresher: You know that feeling of staring into your rack of clothes and thinking you have nothing to wear? Yeah, so do we! This isn’t from a lack of clothing, it’s from a lack of inspiration. We both discovered a renewed excitement for these pieces after we witnessed how versatile they could be. It really did breathe new life into our closets!
  • It’s all about versatility: The one thing we both learned is that it’s important to choose pieces that can be styled more than one way and that go with all the other pieces. For example, I (Julie) realized halfway through the challenge that my chunky striped sweater wasn’t the most versatile choice. Krista learned from my challenge and opted for a blazer, which could be styled over the other two tops, plus be worn alone. Brilliant! 

This style challenge really stretched our outfit creativity! We feel confident that with more time and practice, using this strategy would only get easier while improving our ability to quickly create fun outfits! We’d love to hear if you would try this challenge—tell us in the comments below!

xoxo Julie & Krista


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