how to style rainy day outfits

April showers bring May flowers! We’ve had a surprisingly dry Seattle spring, but we know more rainy days are coming! Rainy day outfits are a wardrobe essential in our climate and we’ve learned it’s possible to still dress cute even under dreary conditions! Rainy days can actually be fun to dress for if you have a few of these outfit items in your closet!

in the hood

hooded rain coat

Almost any coat can become a raincoat if it has a hood, or if you are wearing a hoodie under it. Seattlites are famous for never using umbrellas–although if it’s POURING, we’re not too proud–we always keep a spare umbrella in our car! It’s mostly because we are rarely out in the rain for extended periods of time. Usually it’s just a quick dash between car and a front door and the biggest concern is not ruining or our hair or shoes! Jeans and a hoodie makes the easiest rainy day outfit formula–just add slip on sneakers and a lightweight jacket and you’re good to go! Add a cute ball cap for extra style!


When I first saw this Universal Standard hood dickey, I thought it was genius!! It’s a way to add a hood and a bit of warmth to a moto jacket, a denim jacket, literally any jacket!! Adding a hood dickey is a great way to expand your coat wardrobe and also stay dry and stylish on a rainy day. Sadly, this hood dickey isn’t available anymore, but I found a few other ones and linked them for you! It’s also a great idea to invest in a coat with a removable hood, or a hood that can fold away discreetly. If it’s raining, you’re prepared, but if you don’t want to bulk of a hood on a nice day, you can change the look! Check out these raincoats with removable hoods:

in the trenches

Ok, it’s clearly not raining here (hello toes!) but it when you’re contemplating your rainy day outfit, a trench is a top consideration! The current trend in trench coats is long and slightly oversized, so if you’re like us, your trench might need a little update! I was ready to put my old, fitted trench in the donation pile…it was constricting and hard to layer over anything thicker than a cotton tee. I just found this one and am in love! It’s flowy and adds a chic modern update to the most casual of outfits!

it’s raining, it’s pouring

camo rain coat

What if you want to stay dry on a rainy day, but you also want to dress for spring?? My chelsea rain boots are black, (you could definitely get rain boots in a lighter spring color!) but I’m keeping my look more springy with light wash jeans, and a graphic tee instead of a sweater or sweatshirt. Another way to kick your rainy day outfit up a notch for spring is to add a rain coat in a fun print or a pretty color. My camo raincoat has been so fun to style through the years! It keeps me dry, and it goes with everything! Here’s some fun raincoats in springy colors and prints:

more rainy day outfit inspo!

similar raincoats to ours:

Believe us, we know the feeling of dread when you have a lot of errands to do, or a soccer game to watch, etc. and it’s pouring rain outside! When faced with spring showers or downpours, it’s so hard to know what to wear! It can be so tempting to just phone it in style-wise. However, with just a few rainy day wardrobe updates, you can stay dry, warm and stylish! Follow our rainy day outfit formulas and venture outside in style!

xoxo Julie & Krista

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