how to pick the perfect graphic tee

graphic tee with denim and sneakers
Pastel vibes & muscle graphic tees! We actually cut the sleeves off to revive these old tees!

Graphic tees we’re loving:

If we’re on a quest to find something, we know we can’t be the only ones! Lately we’ve been on the search for the perfect graphic tee–we love the cool, relaxed vibe of mixing a casual tee with something dressy like a feminine midi skirt or a polished blazer. But any old graphic tee won’t do! We wondered why so many of the available graphic tees weren’t grabbing us. What is it that makes a perfect graphic tee? Keep scrolling to find out what we discovered, plus our tips on how to pick the perfect graphic tee!

choose a graphic tee with versatile colors

floral graphic tee
A graphic tee with several colors is fun and gives lots of styling options! Floral graphics are typically colorful and are often the perfect thing to pair with something more edgy, like a moto jacket or leather pants.
graphic tee with blazer and lightwash raw hem denim and white slingback sandals
This Mtv tee has a retro vibe, along with bright, spring colors that definitely coordinate with many of my outfits! I had this pink blazer in mind when I bought this tee, but it will also look cool under a denim jacket, bomber jacket, moto jacket…. on and on!

choose a graphic tee with cool style details

woodstock graphic tee
A graphic tee that’s too fitted or boxy can feel boyish. Not a flattering look for us! What I loved about this tee was the soft, drapey cotton material, the dropped shoulder seam, and the cool raw, rolled hem at the sleeve.
graphic tee with floral midi skirt and sneakers
This Grazie tee is pretty basic, but I was looking for a graphic tee that was long enough to do this cute side knot. The knot is a fun alternative to tucking the tee in, and it creates a creative style detail!

choose a graphic tee with a statement you can get behind

graphic tee with shirt jacket and felt hat
Everything you wear communicates something about you, and a graphic tee can make that statement loud and clear! If the words on the tee aren’t something I would say in real life, or if the graphic is super rocker chick or not my lifestyle, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it, no matter how cool the graphic is. I think the popular graphic of huge Rolling Stones lips with a tongue sticking out is fine on other people, but it’s just not me. Recently, I was tempted to buy a tee with a cool graphic, but it was a band that I wasn’t into at all, so I kept looking. Conversely, I might love the band, but not like the graphic. See how tricky this can be? It has to have ALL the elements to make me open my pocketbook lol!
city graphic tee with black blazer distressed lightwash jeans and black booties
I think that a lot of graphic tees have funny or ironic messages, but when I think of actually wearing them, I chicken out! I prefer a subtle message that doesn’t attract too much attention. With this tee I can represent a city that I love! This particular tee can be customized with whatever city you want! So cool!

Shop the city tee:

choose a graphic tee that reflects something you love

paris graphic tee with polka dot midi skirt and black leather jacket
My favorite graphic tees are ones that represent a place I’ve visited and fallen in love with! Every time I wear it, the happy & magical memories of experiencing that place come flooding back. The graphic has a whole new meaning once you’ve actually been there. Last year I visited Paris for the first time and if I’d worn this tee prior to that trip, it wouldn’t have meant nearly as much as it does now!
band graphic tee with colored denim and black slide sandals
I got this graphic tee at a Switchfoot concert – a band I have loved for some time. Little did I know it would become my favorite graphic tee! It checks all the boxes- the colors go with my wardrobe, the style details are perfect (the neckline, sleeves and length are spot on), and I love the dark background. To top it off, the message is the title of one of my favorite Switchfoot songs, “Love Alone is Worth the Fight.” This is definitely a message I can stand behind!

be open to choosing a graphic tee in different colored backgrounds

sincerely jules graphic tee with lightwash denim ankle wrap sandals and frances valentine basket bag
I’ve always gravitated towards white graphic tees, but lately I’ve been loving outfits with black & dark charcoal tees. It looks great with the trend of lightwash denim and gives even more of an edge to your outfit.
new york graphic tee with denim shirt and black jeans
When I saw the Dumbo, Brooklyn tee, I knew it was a winner! The rose pink background is so pretty, and I love how the cool, urban graphic is only in black. This tee is a slam dunk to wear with any outfit that has an element of black. I love it under my black blazer, and this summer it will look great with shorts or a skirt and black sandals.

Graphic tees add an element of fun and visual interest to any outfit, and they can also tell people a little bit about your personality. Whether you make a bold statement, a subtle statement, or just want a tee with a pretty or edgy design, a graphic tee can help you update your spring wardrobe. We hope our suggestions are food for thought as you go on your quest to find the perfect graphic tee!

xoxo Julie & Krista

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