maggy london dressesNothing like a Chihuly background to make a night feel special!

When Maggy London reached out to us to show their line of holiday workwear dresses, we were thrilled! Growing up dress shopping with our moms for numerous special occasions, the Maggy London brand was always synonymous with style, amazing figure flattering fit, and beautiful silhouettes. “Oh! It’s a Maggy London!” was a familiar exclamation when we happened upon one of these beautiful dresses.

workwear dresses
Our daytime workwear look

Holiday events are often scheduled right after work, leaving no time to jet home from the office for a quick change into something more festive. Half the fun of a special occasion is dressing up, right? Our specific task with these Maggy London dresses was to show how, just by changing a few accessories, these dresses can easily go from a daytime work environment to a night on the town.

creating a work to wow look:

Tip #1: Start with a great foundation–a high-quality workwear dress with a classic silhouette. You’ll feel professional all day long and then have the perfect base for adding night-out accessories later on. It’s important to have a great fitting dress so you feel like a million bucks at a special event. These Maggy London dresses are so well-tailored and figure-flattering! They have a unique inner lining that smooths and enhances for an amazing fit.

For work, it’s best to keep your shoes stylish, but comfortable. Both of our shoes have a bit of a heel, but they’re low enough to wear all day.
suede pump
A suede pump (linked here) in a neutral shade works year-round with a black dress. A block heel is a modern update on the classic pump and tends to be more comfortable. It’ll also be a cool shoe to wear with jeans for a date night!

Tip #2: Day or night, the LBD is always appropriate. To steer clear of boring, choose a dress that has fun details, such as interesting sleeves, but isn’t overdone. Tasteful style for professional situations adds in one or two unique elements but keeps the overall look classic and simple. Any more details than that and your outfit can overpower and become a distraction.

workwear dresses
The rule for tasteful style applies to your entire look–keep accessories simple and your bag functional, yet stylish.
holiday party lbd
An interesting sleeve is you all you need to give an LBD extra flair for day or night.

classic black dressFrom high-power to high-street, this chic dress is the perfect choice for a day to evening look.

Tip #3: No need to limit yourself to black. A bright and colorful workwear dress is just as professional during the day and will transform into a fun and festive evening look by the addition of just a few simple accessories. With a subtle side slit and bold bordering, this dress is brimming with pizzazz and style!

workwear dress
Choose a dress in an eye-catching color for a fun workwear style!

workwear tipsA bright color can be accessorized with black in winter and nude in warmer temps.

workwear style
We found these dresses to be so comfortable and stylish!

Tip #4: For evening, add the sparkle!! It doesn’t take much to transform a workwear dress into holiday magic. Julie added a sparkly purse, a jeweled necklace, and metallic sandals. She’s ready to shine for an evening event!

holiday party outfit
Subtle changes are all that’s needed for an evening look. Change your shoes and even consider changing your hairstyle for a day to night transformation.

Tip #5: Don’t forget the faux fur! There’s so many fun coats right now at all price points, which makes it easy to stay warm while still looking fabulous! Nothing kills a special outfit quicker than topping it with a dreary work trench (see our post here for how to choose the right coat for your outfit). Keep that at the office and do a quick-change into something cozy and luxe. In addition to a black faux fur coat, Krista added colorful wreath earrings, a sparkly necklace, and a patent leather clutch. She also switched out her shoes for a pair with some edge–studded patent leather heels. She’s all ready for a holiday party or drinks/dinner out!

holiday outfit
Krista hesitated buying this coat a few years ago, but it’s turned out to be a very smart purchase! She’s worn it several times for date nights and special events.
workwear dress
Colorful and sparkly earrings are so festive! All Krista added was five simple elements to take this dress from work to wow!

The holiday season is already so chaotic and busy, and with events scheduled after work, things can get even more stressful and crazy. We love the idea of choosing a dress that can go from work to a night out in just 5 easy steps–a revelation for making your life simpler and the holidays more enjoyable! Maggy London dresses are ideal as a fabulous styling foundation. We’ve only shown you two options here, but you won’t believe all the incredible dresses in their collection! Check out the carousel below for more Maggy London dresses we love!

We love these styles:

holiday party looks
Hallelujah! Guess who’s getting all dressed up for a night out on the town! Merry Christmas everyone!

–Julie & Krista

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