how to find the perfect white tee

how to find the perfect white tee

One of the most common questions we get is, “what is the perfect white tee?” We recently tried out several styles in search of the perfect white tee, and in doing so, we discovered five elements that determined how much we liked the tee. Here’s what we found:

1. the fit

White Tee With Jeans

We prefer a white tee that has a slightly boxy fit and isn’t too snug or oversized. A body-hugging style is an entirely different closet staple we use for layering under tighter layers. This type of tee is for wearing alone or layered under a looser layer. We love the boxy fit of this Free People tee, and it’s one of our favorites for wearing alone.

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2. the crewneck

White Tee With Green Jeans

This one element disqualified more tees than any other! The perfect white tee has a classic crewneck that rests on your collarbone with a neck opening that isn’t too wide. This allows the collar of the tee to show symmetrically under a crewneck sweater or sweatshirt. It also creates a flattering neckline for showcasing pretty necklaces when wearing the tee alone. This Reformation tee has the perfect classic neckline!

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3. the fabric

White Tee Outfit With Flared Jeans

For a perfect boxy style, the fabric should be a high-quality cotton with a nice structure to it. The fabric can be lightweight, but not too sheer. We both agreed this Old Navy white tee, which is a rayon/spandex mix, had too much drape. Even the lighter-weight tees we tried had more structure because they were 100% cotton.

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4. the sleeve

White Tee Outfit With Green Cropped Pants

The tees we liked the most had a diagonally cut sleeve, which created a more flattering look. This style element was the biggest factor in how cute we thought the tee was when worn alone. The length of the sleeve wasn’t as much of a factor; whether it was a cap sleeve or a longer, classic sleeve, if it had a diagonal cut, it was cuter on the arm. This tee is actually called the PerfectWhiteTee, and one of the things we love about it is the stylish sleeve!

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5. the style

White Outfit Tees With Jeans and Colored Pants

The perfect white tee doesn’t have to be boring! Especially if you want to wear it alone, having style elements, like a rolled hem or sleeve, or distressing can really up the cool factor. A slightly chewed neckline can add edge peeking out under a sophisticated sweater. Exposed seams or unique fabric can add texture and interest. Consider all these factors when choosing your perfect white tee!

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our favorites!

White Tee Shirts With Black Blazer And Denim Jacket

After perusing tees online and trying on different styles, these are our perfect white tee WINNERS! Krista chose the Reformation tee: it has a perfect boxy fit that isn’t too oversized, the fabric is a softer white and a bit thicker, and it has a tighter crewneck which makes it great for layering. I love the PerfectWhiteTee because of the cute sleeves, the longer length, and the lighter-weight material.

This is how we love to wear simple white tee shirts. All you need is a jacket or blazer, some cute shoes, and you’re ready to go!

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A white tee might be basic, but it’s anything but boring when you find the perfect one! It’s worth taking the time to find the perfect white tee that is versatile and that you will have for years to come. We hope these tips will be helpful in finding your perfect white tee!

xoxo Julie & Krista

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