This year I was on a quest to find stylish shoes for dressy occasions. Recently, I actually left a fun wedding reception due to extreme foot pain. I vowed never to let that happen again! Like many women, I can easily get lured in by beautiful high heels that make my legs and outfit look amazing. Oftentimes however, after a few hours I want to go home and put on my slippers! This year I found two different festive shoe options so I can dance all night without wanting to limp home.

The Louise Et Cie heels (above) distribute weight evenly throughout the shoe for all night comfort. What makes them so amazing is that they give the high heel look even though they have actually have a relatively low heel.

The tassels and suede material on these Halogen block heel shoes make them extra fun and dressy. They’re stylish and very low heeled–perfect for all night comfort! Notice also that I have them styled with jeans…a fun look for daytime or a more a casual night out…and the closed toe makes them a great choice for colder temps.

Hoping you can avoid future foot torture,


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