style me

We can help you analyze your personal style and figure out what clothing items you will need based on your lifestyle.  We want you to have stylish outfits that will take you everywhere you need to go – work, casual wear, date nights, special events, etc.  We want you to feel prepared with stylish options so you always know what to wear!

We specialize in casual everyday style,  professional wardrobes, special occasions, Mother of the Bride

get styled: curate my closet

How often do you look at your closet full of clothes and still feel like you have nothing to wear?  We’ll look at the contents of your closet and make a pile of give-away clothes that are outdated or don’t fit your body type.  Then, we’ll help you make a shopping list of items that you need to update your wardrobe and complete stylish outfits and take pictures of outfits from items you already have.

2 hour min: $100/hr.

get styled: help me shop

We’re always surprised by how many women hate to shop!  We’re expert shoppers that can take your shopping list and streamline the process by selecting stylish clothes that fit your body type and lifestyle. Our goal is to fit your budget–there is style at every price point!  Shopping is easier if we start by going through your closet, but if you just want to shop, that’s fine, too.  With a simple chat online or over the phone and a recent photo, we can get the process started.  Whether you need help building your whole wardrobe or just need help you shop for a special event, we’re confident we can make the shopping experience easy and fun!

2 hr. min: $100/hr.