daytime occasion dresses you’ll love!

daytime occasion dresses you’ll love!

We know this situation all too well… the invitation comes, followed by the burning question, “What am I going to wear?” Do I even have any daytime occasion dresses?

Sometimes it’s easy to dress for a fancier evening event, but daytime occasion dresses can be a bit tricky. What is a good level of dressiness and style for events such as a daytime casual wedding, out to brunch, a stroll at a Farmer’s Market, or to a baby or bridal shower? We found some really cute dresses that can take you to any daytime occasion in style!


Daytime Occasion Dresses Pink Floral Maxi Dress

Even if you’re just meeting up with a friend for brunch or for some fun Farmer’s Market shopping, you still want to wear a cute dress! These pink dresses are so pretty, but they’re not too dressy. My t-shirt dress has a flattering tie at the waist, and Julie’s floral sundress fits the spring/summer shopping vibe, but could easily be dressed up for a night out! 

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Daytime Occasion Dresses Striped and Solid White

Of course, any shade of white is taboo to wear to a bridal shower, but I’m excited to wear this off-white, puffed-sleeve shift dress with crochet details to Julie’s daughter’s baby shower! Julie’s dress is so cute with its on-trend blue stripe! It’s perfect for a bridal shower, graduation, or any daytime event. Both of our dresses are a shift shape so we can eat and visit all day long in style and comfort! 

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Daytime Occasion Dresses Floral Dresses

These days so many weddings are during the day in casual venues like barns or even outdoors. We found two dresses that are elevated enough for such a wedding, but not too dressy. Julie’s floral dress is universally flattering with its gathered waist, ruffled hem, and slightly puffed sleeve. I love the purple floral!  My dress is such a pretty bright floral, and I love the longer sleeve. The tie at the waist is a flattering style detail! 

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The great thing about all of these dresses is that they can work for so many different daytime occasions. I’m also excited to wear my dresses for travel this summer!  Dresses can be hard to find, so we think if you love a dress and it fits you well, you should buy it! The occasion will follow! Wearing a dress to a daytime occasion is a great way to show your style and elevate the experience. What occasions are you shopping for this Spring? Let us know in the comments!

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xoxo Krista and Julie


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