socks with sandals

Ankle socks with sandals…we’ve seen this trend in photos, we’ve been intrigued by this edgy look, but is this really a trend we can pull off? This question ran through our minds when we were approached about a collaboration with Berkshire Hosiery , a company that manufactures quality hosiery in the USA using the finest materials from all over the world. As we looked at their array of fun hosiery choices, we got excited about coordinating outfits with ankle socks!

Julie and I love putting our heads together to create different looks, so we had a blast shopping our closets to come up with outfits with ankle socks that we believe we will actually wear.

Here’s what we came up with and what we learned along the way about styling this trend:

ankle socks
1. Keep your outfit classic. With socks and sandals so near to fashion faux pas territory, it’s important to maintain a chic and sophisticated look with the rest of your outfit. We kept our color choices neutral and our styling streamlined and classic, which translates into clean lines and uncluttered silhouettes.


ankle socks
2. Keep your outfit simple. We both tried on intricate and patterned tops with our jeans looks, thinking that would be more interesting. But instead, it looked too busy and competed with the style statement going on with our feet. We both felt more comfortable and stylish keeping our entire look minimalistic.


socks with sandals
3. Keep your shoe simple. Clunky wedges and extra details like bows and poufs didn’t look right with our Berkshire ankle socks. Again, it just created visual clutter and we also felt that it didn’t look age appropriate. Do add color, however! Bright colors add a fun, eye-catching element, especially when the rest of your outfit is simple.


ankle socks
4. Keep hemlines longer. Anything above the knee looked too little girlish or like some horrible Halloween costume–frightening! Bringing the hem to at or below the knee, however, creates sophistication and makes our Berkshire ankle socks a fun accessory.


socks with sandals
5. Keep socks delicate. Think hosiery, not sweat socks when selecting ankle socks–thin and fine fabric will keep from bunching and will also give the best fit for shoes such as sandals or heels that aren’t normally worn with socks anyways.

After a few hits and misses, we ended up loving our fun Berkshire ankle socks with sandals looks! So much of staying stylish is breaking out of your comfort zone and trying new trends. Wearing ankle socks with sandals/pumps adds a bit of edge and visual interest (not to mention warmth!) to day and evening looks.

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  1. Really loved your incorporation of socks into different types of outfits. The outfits are edgy, but chic and sophisticated at the same time. The thin socks pull together the outfit. Perfect for a chilly night when your feet need a bit more coverage!! xx Jenifer

    1. Thank you so much Jenifer–we appreciate your thoughts so much! We weren’t sure in the beginning if we could actually pull this look off, but after playing with the socks, we started to see how they can transform a very basic outfit and take it beyond the ordinary! You’re so right that it adds edge but sophistication. We also agree that it’s a great option for transitioning into cooler temps, so you may see us playing around with it more this fall! So fun to connect with you here! –Julie & Krista