Krista Olufson

Krista has been married to Philip for 25 years and has 3 sons – Carsten (21), Ian (19), and Adam (17).  As a former high school teacher and coach turned stay-at-home mom, she developed a love of fashion and dressing for one’s body type.  With no girls to dress, she felt compelled to dress her family and friends! She realized she had a gift for picking out stylish clothes for people and encouraging them along the way.  She developed her own personal styling business and has been working with clients wanting to update their style for 10 years.  Krista is very excited to team up with Julie (her fashion/shopping soul mate) to take their love of personal styling to the next level!


Julie Powell

Julie has been married to Todd for 28 years and has three children: Seth (25), Sadie (23), and Lily (20). She’s been a high school English teacher, community theatre actor and director, and for the past 10 years, an interior decorator for a residential construction company. Her favorite pastime as a child was playing dress-up, and well…nothing has changed! Julie is thrilled to team with Krista guiding clients to a greater sense of fun and confidence in their personal style!