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One of our earliest fashion conversations was about summer tops. Summer was quickly approaching and we were realizing how many of our summer tops were solid color v-neck t-shirts! We had obviously fallen victim to a style rut in our mom uniform. Right then and there, we both pledged to purge the v-necks and seek out new and updated alternatives to the basic t-shirt. Every summer since, we’ve scoured summer top trends to see what’s new and how we can update our look. A top is a simple and inexpensive addition that’s a power boost to your warm weather wardrobe!

9 summer tops trends we’re loving:

1. Tops with interesting tie details: On the front, in the back, on a sleeve–a tie adds dimension and interesting detail to an otherwise plain tank or tee.

summer tops

tie front top
A tie-front tank in a bright color adds two interesting elements–color and a knot detail–to a simple top.

2. Tops that make a statement: Whether with color or with words, eye-catching tees are all the rage. Be on the lookout for ones that show your personality and add flair to an outfit through color or graphics.

graphic tee

3. Tops with one shoulder: How many shoulder trends can there be lol? First it was cold shoulder, then off the shoulder, and now the latest is the One Shoulder! We have to admit, this latest shoulder look is the best one yet. It’s easier to wear than the full OTS style and with sweet ruffles, incredibly cute. 🙂

summer tops

4. Tops in mustard/gold: I’ve always been drawn to this color because of my skin coloring, but Krista had never considered it could also work for her. Usually reserved for fall, this color looks amazing when paired with white or denim!

summer tops

summer topsKrista discovered that mustard/gold can also work with her skin tone when it’s bright enough!

5. Tops with puffy sleeves: This top trend is fairly new on the scene, but at the same time it’s been around forever! Didn’t we all wear puffy sleeves in grade school? For some weird fashion reason, it feels fresh again and we’re loving it!

summer tops

6. Tops with a camo print: Camo has made a comeback in jackets, pants, and tees. It adds edge to an outfit and is cool girl chic when styled with black or white. Krista added even more variety here by wearing brown sandals instead of the expected black.

camo top

7. Tops with an athletic detail: Whether it’s a logo or stripes, shirts that you could wear if you were at gym practice are showing up in unexpected ways–with joggers and heels, with wide-leg slacks and sneaks, with skirts and slides or athletic looking shoes. You don’t have to workout to look like you workout. 😉

athletic tee

8. Tops in gingham print: The key to keeping this down-home fabric out of tablecloth territory is to wear it in a current style. Interesting sleeves, off-the-shoulder, tie-front detail–all of these details show you know exactly what you’re doing…step aside, fashionista comin’ through!!

gingham top

9. Tops that are basic but with a twist: There’s nothing new about a white tee, but how you style it can make it classic or cutting edge. This season’s two freshest looks are knotted in front with high-waist bottoms or contrasted with fun criss-cross slides in a bright pattern or color.

basic white tee

You might already have some of these in your closet, like a graphic tee or gym shirt or white tee. It’s how it’s styled that can make all the difference. The main point we want to make is to encourage you to keep your look updated by just adding a few simple elements every season. Avoid style ruts like a closet full of the same type of top and bring a little bit of fun back into your outfits! What summer top trend are you looking for?


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  1. Love all of these looks! The last is my favorite type of summer outfits…I’m obsessed with a plain t with fun pants and colorful details! Style ruts are so horrible, but these are some awesome ideas to avoid them! Thanks for sharing. xx Jenifer

    1. Thanks for reading Jenifer! I really liked that look too! Sometimes simple is best. 🙂 We are constantly trying to shake things up in our style–that’s half the fun!
      xoxo Julie & Krista