pink midi tiered ruffle sundress with white sandals and wicker bag

Styling outfits is a learned skill–we firmly believe that anyone can get better and quicker at creating outfits and simultaneously feel good in their clothes! Our style has evolved over the years, and that’s due in large part to our enjoyment of observing fashion trends and what looks good on other people. We’re constantly people-watching lol! Through observation and our own personal trial-and-error, we’ve learned several lessons that have revolutionized how we get dressed everyday and impact the thought process behind our choices. Would you like a peek into our styling brains?? Read on!

1. the art of the dressy/casual mix

polka dot off the shoulder top with lightwash distressed jeans and beige sandals

Take a casual piece like distressed jeans, add a fun off-shoulder top and a heel. On the flip side, take a dressier piece like a skirt, add a fun tee and a flat sandal or sneaker. Mixing dressy and casual makes your outfit cooler and gives the impression that you’re chic without trying too hard.

2. the magical front tuck

striped linen button down shirt with black joggers, black sandals, and beige felt fedora hat

It’s all about the “tweak”. Sometimes all a simple outfit needs is a little front tuck of your top to create a waistline and make it more flattering. It’s the most inexpensive trick out there! I front tuck almost every top, even sweaters. Like magic, it can create balance for a top or bottom heavy body type. It’s often all you need to keep an outfit out of the frump zone!

3. break away from a boring t-shirt

pink puff sleeve top with denim bermuda shorts and snakeskin wedges

Many years ago, I found a t-shirt (that I thought looked good on me) in several colors and wore it all summer. I vowed never to do that again! Casual tees with fun details like this puffed sleeve make spring tops so much more on trend and stylish! Nothing wrong with a great t-shirt, but not all day every day!

4. start simple & build up from there

white monochrome outfit with white denim, white eyelet top, denim jacket, studded sandals and black crossbody bag

A simple outfit is always a good place to start, but I’ve learned to not just stop there. One of my easy go-to looks is a monochrome outfit. It’s chic and classic, but the reason it looks cool is it allows the other elements of your outfit to shine. An interesting shoe, an edgy jacket, and a cute crossbody bag give personality to this simple look. In warmer temps I’d ditch the jacket and add a fun belt to break up the long column of white.

5. add in a trend

sleeveless white denim dress with black peeptoe booties and black crossbody bag

I used to think wearing a belt bag cross body was strange, but now I love the look! By adding an age appropriate trend you are communicating that you’re a modern, stylish gal! Not every trend is for everyone, but pick one you like and go for it!

6. when possible, wear a dress

pink striped sundress with wicker basket bag and white heels

It’s easy to feel “overdressed” in our suburban lifestyle. After traveling to Europe and seeing how easily the women incorporate casual dresses into their everyday looks, it inspired me to do the same where I live. Instead of shorts, I vow to wear more skirts and dresses this summer! I love the feel of a flowy skirt on a warm summer day!

beige rebecca minkoff modern puff sleeve dress with brown peeptoe booties and striped clutch

I agree with Julie! I was inspired by my recent trip to Italy to wear dresses more often. This day dress is such a fun, stylish change up from the usual jeans/pants/shorts outfit. So feminine and fun!

7. don’t be afraid to make a statement

denim on denim outfit with studded sandals and pearl hoop statement earrings

Similar to feeling overdressed wearing dresses, I’ve often toned down my outfits to not feel self-conscious in our casual suburban world. I’ve learned however, that when I do this, I don’t feel like ME. How I dress is partly how I express my personality and mood. Krista has encouraged me to be bolder in my choices, like wearing statement earrings. She’s right–it adds pizzazz and makes an outfit memorable!

8. know what is flattering on you

halter tank cami with button front white miniskirt and mustard clog sandals

I don’t have a curvy top half, (or bottom half :)) so I love showing my shoulders! I feel like the shoulder baring tops (off the shoulder, one shoulder, etc.) are flirty, flattering and fun! I think it’s so important to know what tops and bottoms flatter your figure. When you figure it out it’s so freeing and really helps focus your shopping. Now I just have to make sure I don’t have TOO many halter neck tops!

9. elevate the basics

tie dye tee with raw hem cropped jeans and pinstripe navy blazer and mule heels and wicker basket frances valentine bag

Nothing’s more basic than a t-shirt and jeans, right? It’s the total comfort zone of getting dressed! One big lesson I’ve learned is to take casual basics and “tweak” (there’s that word again!) them to elevate your look out of the ordinary. This creates an unexpected combination that’s way more interesting and fun! Here I added a blazer, cork heels, a cute bag and now this casual look is dressy but not too dressy for errands, a dinner out with friends, or shopping at the mall. You could even swap out the heels for more comfortable sneakers and still have a super chic outfit!

10. don’t be afraid of color

jcrew tie dye tee with pink button front knee length skirt and rose gold birkenstock sandals

I’ve always loved wearing bright colors! Neutrals are so chic and stylish, but wearing a bright color can really brighten your mood and make your outfit pop! Here the bright pink skirt is the star of the show, and the subtle pink tie dye tee and rose cold Birkenstocks are the perfect supporting cast!

11. never let an outfit be boring

white cami with black denim and jean jacket

A huge lesson I’ve learned is to never let a top and bottom stand alone. It needs something! If you’ve stopped there, consider yourself not completely dressed! Get in the habit of always asking yourself, what else can I add to this? A necklace, a cool shoe, an interesting bag, a belt–something to break up the boredom and shapelessness of only a top and bottom. Details attract the eye and make your look way more flattering!

12. wear an unexpected color combo

black blouse with mustard crop pants and silver sandals

Of course a black shoe and a black purse with this outfit would have been just fine. However, by adding a silver sandal and a white bag, this outfit goes from expected to unexpectedly stylish! Metallic shoes are a great staple in my wardrobe. They go with everything!!

13. experiment at home!

mirror selfie with blondie graphic tee and faux leather pencil skirt and black heels

Observe what other people are wearing and then push your outfit confidence by playing dress up at home! I might never wear this anywhere but every time I experiment with an outfit I learn more about what looks good on me and works with my body type.

mirror selfie with switchfoot band graphic tee and rust faux leather miniskirt and heels

When I am procrastinating, I go into my closet (or outside:)) to play dress up! (that’s normal, right??) I love experimenting with different outfit combos. Julie and I (pre-lastseenwearing) used to text each other our different outfit ideas. Now we share them with the world! How crazy is that?!?

Style is in the details and the little “tweaks!” We probably think about these things way too much, but we really hope that our passion for fashion helps you revolutionize your spring/summer outfits to make them more modern and stylish!

xoxo Julie & Krista

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    1. Thanks for reading Kelsey! Speaking of dresses, I literally just ordered a dress inspired by you several weeks ago! We always look to you for the latest trends that maybe haven’t made it across the pond yet. Keep influencing us! ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo Julie & Krista

    1. That’s so sweet of you, Karen! Funny to think about all decisions behind what we choose to wear! Thanks for reading! xoxo Julie & Krista

    1. Thank you for your kind words Lindsay! We’ve been similarly inspired by your impeccable style! xoxo Julie & Krista

    1. Thank you so much! We really appreciate all the time you took to read our posts! xoxo Julie & Krista

  1. I absolutely loved this post, all of the tips are so insightful, some I already follow and some I cannot wait to follow. I’m new to your page on Instagram and I am loving it! I enjoy you both so much! Thanks!!!