biker shorts with blazer and graphic tee summer outfit
Our major takeaway after styling biker shorts? Keep em casual & covered!

One thing we’ve learned since starting LSW–never say never to a fashion trend! We hated the biker shorts trend a couple years ago, but over time, we’ve seen biker shorts styled in ways that seemed more accessible to how we like to dress and to our surprise, even cool! It’s like the fashion 12-step program…we go from eye-rolling & disgust, to that works for 20-somethings only, to okay now that’s pretty cute, to I could maybe see myself wearing that, to CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

To test the trend, we both selected a pair of biker shorts that we loved, and then we built a few outfits we would actually wear. Admittedly, they’re TRICKY. Keep reading to find out the tricks we discovered to styling biker shorts!

biker shorts outfits:

monochrome black biker shorts summer outfit
#1. When I first started formulating biker shorts outfits, I consulted other blogs and photos for inspiration. So many of them were really cute, but involved cropped tops or super dressy outfit elements (high heels, etc.). This ensemble came out of wanting to create an outfit I would actually wear! I kept the base of my outfit monochromatic and added a denim jacket around my waist for added style and coverage. The black slides and brown bag finish it off!
biker shorts styling
#2: With a patterned biker short, it’s necessary to keep the top half pretty plain. I like this look of keeping the entire top part white–it feels summery & bright! My white muscle tank is too short for good coverage, so I tied a white denim jacket around my waist. I like how the jacket covers my front & back and also has the bonus of being used for warmth!

#3: This oversized “top” is actually a dress! I unbuttoned a few bottom buttons and then tied the corners into a knot. It provides good coverage and creates a column affect to take the focus off my hip area and provide a more slimming silhouette.
styling biker shorts outfits
#4: I’m wearing a black blouse that covers my bum and a cropped army jacket. I like the proportions of this outfit!

#5: This casual look could be for when our weather can’t decide what it’s doing (like most of our spring/summer days!) This longer cashmere sweater and oversized moto jacket are perfect with these biker shorts and white sneakers. It’s something different to add to my everyday wardrobe!
casual biker shorts outfits
#6: This sleeveless hoodie is also a dress! I like how biker shorts are an option to wear with summer dresses that might feel a bit short. You can use a rubberband to gather up material on the side, then tuck it under to shorten the dress more and give it an oversized top effect.

#7: The no-fail way to wear biker shorts is to go super casual. Treat them like leggings and wear them around the house or even as pjs! The key is to keep the top oversized for coverage and to minimize the hip area. Nothing easier for casual days than throwing on a cute oversized sweatshirt and waterproof Birks!
biker shorts outfit ideas
#8: For me, the key to keeping biker shorts age appropriate is having a longer top layer. This floral blouse isn’t super long, but the oversized denim jacket gives me the coverage I need!

#9: This is my version of a dressed up biker shorts look! I’m glad I have this longer black shell. (I’ve worn it in 3 of these outfits!) It’s perfect with my faux fur vest and leopard sandals. It’s always fun to add a printed or colored shoe to a monochromatic outfit.
white oversized button down top with leopard print biker shorts summer outfit
#10: This is my favorite way to style these leopard print biker shorts. A crisp, oversized button down (this is actually my husband’s!) with an easy tuck to create a waist effect feels totally chic! I love this easy look for feeling put-together while shopping or running errands. I’m keeping my shoe flat and causal to keep the overall vibe very chill. Anything more would feel overdone or too dressy for me.
blazer with graphic tee and biker shorts outfits
We both love pairing biker shorts with a blazer & graphic tee!
The blazer covers the bum & the graphic tee & flats keep the look relaxed & casual.
#11: Black biker shorts with a graphic tee and neutral blazer
#12: Printed biker shorts with a graphic tee and black blazer

After challenging ourselves to style biker shorts, they’ve really grown on us! It’s so true that the more you see a trend, the more you can take it and find a way to make it work with your wardrobe. We can wear the dressy/casual outfits we created, or wear our biker shorts as athleisure or workout wear. Overall, our biker shorts are going to add versatility and fun to our everyday outfits!

xoxo Julie & Krista


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